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advertising overview

Vinyl Wraps

Bus murals make any bus a 3-dimensional, eye-catching experience. Every inch of any bus can be covered with images that are produced from photographs, camera-ready artwork, vector art or digital files.

Bus murals leave standard billboards standing still and leave passengers and viewers with a moving experience.

For more information concerning vinyl advertising, call 806.712.2011 or email Marusca Niccolini

in-Bus Signage

Advertise your products and services to Tech students and Citibus riders. Posters can be placed on Fixed Routes only, TTU Routes only, or both.

Advertisement posters must be 17" wide X 11" tall after lamination (finished size) to fit the holders inside the bus.

in-bus advertising

Bus Handle Advertising

Demand their attention!

  • 20 handles per bus
  • 38 TTU route buses
  • 760 bus handle Ads in All
  • Design and printing included
  • 1 month all TTU buses/760 Ads 
Bus handle advertising

Shelter Advertising

Advertise your products and services on Citibus shelters that are located in 44 prime locations all over Lubbock. Cover the entire shelter or choose one or more sides.


citibus bus hut shelter advertising

Floor Vinyl Advertising

Floor advertising on Citibus is another great way to grab your viewer’s attention! Purchase as much floor space as your budget allows and experience first hand how Citibus advertising products can grow your ROI.