Covenant Childrens CitibusEmployees / Individuals

  1. Purchase a photo ID pass for $51.25 per month at Citibus 801 Texas Ave.
  2. The pass is good for a full year, the proper month must be punched for proof of payment (pay for as many months up front as you like or pay monthly).
  3. Ride all the regular Citibus fixed routes and pay 1/2 price ($2.25) after regular hours on NiteRide, curb to curb Service from 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.


Wingstop CitibusIt’s Easy to Get Started

  1. Provide Citibus with employee pickup locations, shifts/hours and days of the week each employee works.
  2. Citibus will map out new routes according to the addresses and create either a park and ride or a bus route through neighborhoods to pick up your employees.
  3. Citibus will then present the CitiWorks program to you and your employees, conduct travel training and trip planning.

CitiWorks costs $51.25 per month per individual, which is $1.46 per day.

Round trip to and from work, on a route that is specific to your company and hours.

Ride the regular city street routes at no additional cost.

1/2 off the Citibus NiteRide program ($2 curb to cub service).Passengers must call and schedule trip 24 hours in advance. Trips subject to availability. Registration form available at bottom of page.

Emergency transportation service during employee work hours.

Benefits include safe and convenient travel to and from work, while providing a stress free trip. Substantial monthly savings on gasoline, insurance, and car maintenance. Extra time to yourself to start you day out right, make some new friends or catch up with current friends, meet other employees, read or enjoy your favorite music.

City of Lubbock Health Department CitibusEmployer Benefits

CitiWorks helps you recruit and retain qualified employees while getting those employees to work relaxed and ready to work. Here are just a few ways CitiWorks can benefit your company.

Higher Productivity

CitiWorks provides a stress-free commute which helps employees arrive refreshed, relaxed, and ready to take on the day.

Increased Punctuality

Your employees can arrive with time to spare thanks to our 94.36% on time performance.

Reduced Absenteeism

Stress is a major cause of absences, CitiWorks reduces the stress of rushing to get to work, navigating construction, and finding a place to park.

Improved Recruitment

CitiWorks may help entice potential new hires as a benefit for working with your company. Some employers might consider paying for all or some of the cost.

Enhanced Reputation

In a time when there is heightened awareness of our impact on our environment your company can show that you care by promoting alternative transportation.

Tax Benefit

Your company is eligible for tax benefits when you offer transit. Beginning March 1, 2009, employers may offer up to $230 per month in tax free transit commute expenses. This works like a cafeteria plan, you save on FICA, the employee pays with pretax dollars.

Tax & Other Benefits

Subsidizing CitiWorks passes is a great addition to your employee’s fringe benefit package because they are tax-free for your employees and fully tax-deductable for your business.

CitiWorks Program

Tax-Free Employee Benefits

The Citibus Employee Pass Program provides tax-free incentives to encourage your employees to take the bus - freeing up parking for your customers and lessening the demand for employee parking. Transit benefits are tax-free to employees and tax-deductible for employers through Internal Revenue Code 26 USC 132-f ( This permits employers to offer employees a tax-free benefit, up to $230 per month, to commute to work using public transportation, rather than driving. Transit benefits are tax-deductible for employers like commonly offered employee fringe benefits.

Subsidized CitiWorks Passes

The CitiWorks Pass Program enables participating employers to offer tax-free subsidies to employees buying a 31-Day Pass at work. Citibus establishes on-site pass outlets for participating employers and assists them in marketing the benefits.

Employer-Paid Benefit Option

Employers offering full transit benefits for employees can take full advantage of this federal tax break. In Lubbock, the total cost of a CitiWorks pass (Park&Ride and the CitiWorks monthly pass program) is fully deductible for employers, as the cost is less than $115 per month. Employers offering transit benefits (in lieu of wage increases) will save on FICA, Federal employment and Federal income taxes.

Employee-Paid Pre-Tax Benefit Option

By establishing a pre-tax deduction program, employers can allow their employees to use part of their existing gross income to pay for their bus pass. Even though the employee pays full price for the transit benefit, they save by paying less Federal payroll and income taxes. The amount of the pre-tax payroll deduction is no longer reported as taxable salary.

Fare Share Benefit Option

This option enables employers and employees to share the costs. The employer subsidizes a portion of the cost and allows employees to pay for the balance from pretax income. Whatever amount the employer contributes, they will save on payroll taxes. Employees will save on income taxes by having their portion of the cost regularly deducted from their paychecks.

More Benefits for CitiWorks and Park&Ride Programs

Employees participating in these program are eligible for NiteRide at 1/2 price ($2. Per trip). NiteRide is a curb-to-curb evening service which runs from 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m Service is within the Lubbock city. Citibus requires individuals who wish to use the NiteRide service to register for the service prior to scheduling trips. Registration can be completed in person at the Citibus offices located at 801 Texas Avenue.

Get On Board with the CitiWorks Employee Pass Program

Getting onboard the Citibus Employee Pass Program is easy. Just contact Citibus’ Marketing Department to get started. We will determine your employees transportation needs,establish routes, create monthly passes then get your employee on board. Passes are available through Citibus or your HR department for the convenience of your employees. Citibus can also help market the new tax-free transit benefits to your employees with colorful posters and ready-to-use promotional ads for ongoing placement in company newsletters.

For More Information or to Get Started Contact:

Val Cochran
Citibus Sales & Marketing

(806) 712-2011 or

Download the Simple Tax Benefit Plan Enrollment Form (PDF)

Please check with your tax advisor to applicability to your business or log on to for more information.

CitiWorks NiteRide Discount

With the CitiWorks program, you are also eligible to use the Citibus NiteRide program for 1/2 off the regular price.

NiteRide is a curb-to-curb evening service provided by Citibus to facilitate the needs of passengers who require service within the Lubbock city limits at the conclusion of the day’s fixed route and paratransit services. NiteRide is a shared-ride public transportation service, which runs from 6:45 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Citibus requires individuals who wish to use the NiteRide service to register for the service prior to scheduling trips. Registration can be completed in person at the Citibus offices located at 801 Texas Avenue.


The regular price is $4.50 per trip inside the city limits and $12.00 per trip to Reese Center & Turf Therapy. For more information call (806) 712-2000 Select 1 for English OR 2 for Spanish then ext. 236. To schedule a ride 24 hours in advance, call (806) 712-2000, Select 1 for English OR 2 for Spanish then choose option 2.

All fares and passes subject to change at the discretion of the Lubbock Public Transit Advisory Board.


Download the NiteRide Handbook (PDF)

Download the NiteRide Registration Form (PDF)