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Texas tech campus routes

Citibus has been providing service to the students of Texas Tech since 1968. Citibus provides on and off campus shuttles. The off campus shuttles provide service from nearby apartment complexes to the interior of the campus.

2017 Texas Tech Summer Schedule  

2017 Texas Tech Campus Route Map

TTU Apartment S Bus Night Service

North and South Overton

North Indiana


North 4th

West 4th

Tech Terrace

Citibus Extended Night Bus Service - a safe ride from anywhere on campus:

  • Call 806-742-NITE (6483) ext. 235 for a pick-up at any location on campus.
  • NEW Extended service area of 2nd Street between University and Indiana utilizing the same van. Drop off points will include College Pointe, Raiders Pass and 25 Twenty. 
  • Curb to curb service on campus 7:00pm to 1:00am (last call at 12:45 am)
  • Confidential and free, must have valid Texas Tech University I.D

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