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Plan Your Trip With GoPass

Find out when your bus arrives and plan your travel. Need a shared ride with On-Demand? Use the GoPass app!

Citibus' Fixed Route System operates from 5:35am through 7:45pm, Monday-Friday, and from 6:35 am to 7:55pm on Saturdays. For booking, download the GoPass app on the App Store or Google Play, be sure to select Citibus as your preferred agency.

Book A CitiAccess Ride

For CitiAccess approved riders.

To book a ride as a CitiAccess rider, call customer service at 806-775-3640 to book a ride.

(The On-Demand App is no longer available for booking starting on Monday, June 26, 2023.)

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Resources For Your Ride

Whether your questions are about how much a ride costs or how to do business with us, we've got the answers you need.