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Contact Citibus

We are located at:
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Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2000 | Lubbock, Texas 79457

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DTP Address:
801 Broadway Ave. | Lubbock, Texas 79457

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At Citibus, all our staff is here to serve you!

Citibus Staff

Chris Mandrell Biography Photo
Chris Mandrell

General Manager

[email protected]
Michael Mangum Biography Photo
Michael Mangum

Assistant General Manager/Chief Financial Officer

[email protected]
Katrina Garcia Biography Photo
Katrina Garcia

Operations Manager

[email protected]
Aubra Doss Biography Photo
Aubra Doss

Safety Manager

[email protected]
Rodney Middleton Biography Photo
Rodney Middleton

Director of Maintenance

[email protected]
Norma Perea Biography Photo
Norma Perea

Human Resources Manager

[email protected]
Nitra Barnes Biography Photo
Nitra Barnes

Accounting Manager

[email protected]
Shannon Garrett Biography Photo
Shannon Garrett

Executive Assistant

[email protected]
Marcella Ivins Biography Photo
Marcella Ivins

Marketing Manager

[email protected]